Seven Steps To Save You Time & Money

Our online tutorials provide families with a step by step guide to the financial aspects of elder care.

Everything from the importance of advanced planning to helping with the application process, the workings of the Fair Deal Scheme, the valuable tax relief available and more.

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Step 1 – Plan While You Can

It’s human nature to leave decisions to the last minute.  In this tutorial we discuss the benefit of planning early, years in advance of needing care, and how it can result in significant savings.

Step 2 – Home Support Application

There are over 65,000 Irish people receiving Home Support, compared to roughly 23,000 in Nursing Home Care.  In this tutorial I will review the Home Support application process, costs and available tax reliefs.

Step 3 – Nursing Home Support Application

For those who haven’t been through the process, the Nursing Home application can appear complex.  Whether you are paying personally or applying for Fair Deal support, this tutorial is the first step in a series of three to guide you through the application. 

Step 4 – The Fair Deal Scheme

For many, Nursing Home care represents on of life’s most expensive outlays. The Fair Deal Support Scheme was introduced in 2009 to assist those who can’t afford to pay the full cost of care personally.  This tutorial outlines:

A. How much Nursing Home Care costs and

B. More importantly, how much Nursing Home Care will cost you.

Step 5 – The Nursing Home Loan

Part 3 of the Nursing Home Support application, the Nursing Home Loan is a valuable optional extra, particularly where your main asset is your principal residence.  Here we look at how it works, the application process and the rules surrounding it.

Step 6 – Valuable Tax Relief

Home and Nursing Home support payments are allowed as a deduction from your total income i.e. at your marginal (top 40%) rate of tax.  Very often this valuable tax benefit goes unclaimed and, in this tutorial, we look at why that’s the case and how you can maximise the available savings.

Step 7 – Home, Farms and Businesses

Here we look at the improvements to the Fair Deal Scheme brought about by the Nursing Home Support Scheme (Amendment) Act 2021, and its implication for homes, farms and businesses.